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Who is Desmoto Sport - We are Motorcycle Enthusiasts through and through

Who We Are We offer expert advice, repairs and maintenance for your motorcycle

Desmoto-Sport was opened in 2000 with the goal of providing a personalized, high-quality performance and service motorcycle center. Our basic philosophy is to offer direct, knowledgeable information and comprehensive service solutions for European sport bike enthusiasts and racers.

We all ride... every day.

Scott - Owner & Technician at Desmoto Sport
Owner / Technician: [Scott]

With early training in the Jaguar industry, over 25 years as a motorcycle service specialist and many years running race teams, Scott has decades of mechanical knowledge that is the support for the technical crew at Desmoto Sport.

Brien - Service Manager at Desmoto Sport
Service Manager: [Brien]

Since wrenching and riding from an early age, Brien decided to make a career in the motorcycle industry. After 20 plus years, Brien has developed a big following with his experience and forthcoming approach he is a master of the service desk.

Darren - Parts Manager at Desmoto Sport
Parts Manager: [Darren]

Working in the motorcycle industry since the 1980's and riding even longer, Darren's unfathomable knowledge of the parts side of the business has kept the parts department fully stocked and the service department work flowing for the past 10 years.

Augusto - Technician at Desmoto Sport
Technician: [David]

David has had a passion for mechanisms from a young age. Since the age of 16, he has ridden and worked on bikes. After a few engineering jobs, he decided to pursue his passion. He joined the team in March '16. His new interest in 3D printing will be incorporated into Desmoto Sport soon.

Jared - Technician at Desmoto Sport
Technician: [Jared]

Jared has worked on bikes professionally since 1998. After meeting Scott at a race weekend at Sonoma Raceway, they started working together at the Marin Ducati dealer. Soon after Desmoto Sport opened, Jared joined the team and 17 years later, they are still a mighty duo in the service department.

Technician: [Al]
Al has been a motorsport enthusiast his entire life, so when the opportunity presented itself at Desmoto in April of 2019, it was a natural progression. Fun fact: Al eats a PB&J every day, without fail.
Technician: [Albert]
Albert escaped the hurricanes of Miami to set out on a journey of adrenaline and and the attainment of maximum Smiles-per-Hour. At the onset of the pandemic, Albert hunkered down at Desmoto, patiently awaiting the apocalypse.
Technician: [Eric]

Eric has a passion for vintage Honda motorcycles and elegant mechanisms. While studiying economics he determined the importance of identifying and protecting high quality technology from economic obsolescence. He joined the team in September of '20.

Office Manager: [Rose]

Well, what is there to say, without her, there would not be a Desmoto Sport... She pulls all of the loose ends somehow together and is the behind the scene hero that keeps the place running and moving in the right direction.

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